Saturday, October 9, 2010

Steamed Fish with Toasted Garlic

It’s weekend……and since I might be tempted to revisit the “Playground” for some shore fishing adventure (again?), I checked our freezer last night for the inventory of my remaining previous catch. I discovered I still have two nice pan-sized fishes. One is a tasty grouper or “lapu-lapu” and the other one I am not quite familiar with but looks like a delicious crossbreed of sort of snapper and bream. The last part of the statement actually reads ….”I don’t really have an idea”. :-)

Since I am hopeful that my next angling expedition will be fruitful (as always….. typical thinking of an avid angler), I thought the freezer should be cleared of old catch to give space for the new ones. So the two fish should immediately be cooked …….by all means…….not that I am starving because the chicken barbecue we ate for an early dinner was fully digested at that time…..but because I need to cook. It’s a therapy for a stressed mind…….of people living far from love ones. And yes I have to blog……it is already a part of the system……of my life.

I initially thought of simply cooking the fish in the oven like my previous post baked fish. But when I tried preheating the oven, the moment I turned the switch on, I instantaneously sent the whole compound into total darkness. It appeared there was some short circuit in the oven’s electrical line and turning it on will trigger the main switch to trip and cause massive blackout …… all throughout the compound. :-)

It was the reason why this post is entitled “steamed fish” and not baked. But it was a blessing in disguise……this steamed fish which I prepared with toasted garlic, butter and lime juice ended up luscious. A dish worth the trouble of temporarily cutting the electricity supply…….as well as the internet connection…… at the time when most of my housemates/friends are chatting with their special ones. :-))

I already have two posts on steamed fish here and here. The fish I will be using in this post are almost the same as before (bream and grouper). However, this recipe is quite unique for it uses toasted garlic to provide a distinct flavor for the two reef fishes which have a combined total weight of about 800 grams.

The fish were cleaned by removing the scales, fins, guts and gills but the tails were kept intact…..for no apparent reason…..maybe I just forgot to remove them. They are then rinsed in water several times to eliminate traces of blood and then thoroughly drained.

The few ingredients needed here includes: ½ tsp salt, ½ tsp ground pepper, 1 tbsp butter (or margarine….I don’t mind), 2 tbsp toasted garlic, 1 small lime, sliced, 1 tbsp juice of lime or lemon or “calamansi” and ½ tbsp seasoning or 1 small chicken bouillon, crumpled.

Season the fish with salt and pepper, on the outside and inside the cavity. In an aluminum foil, arrange half of the sliced lime and half of the butter as shown. Place the fish on top. Add in lime juice and seasoning. Top with the toasted garlic and remaining sliced lime.

Fold the aluminum foil tightly to fully cover the fish. Secure the ends by folding the foil as well. Place the fish in a steamer and steam for about 30-45 minutes or until the fish is fully cooked through.

Transfer in a large serving plate. Carefully open the foil and securely fold down the edges as shown. Be enchanted by the aroma. Serve immediately with lots of steamed rice. Hmmmm…….. Luscious! :-)

This dish is very simple and yet truly sumptuous. The tasty meat of the fish will basically melt in your mouth. And the thick sauce that remains is just what your rice is needed for flavor. Enjoy! c“,)

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