Thursday, July 2, 2009

Attila Gabriel Turns 3

Well, that was not very accurate actually. Attila Gabriel or AG just turned 3 months old and everyone is happy and excited. The family has every reason to celebrate. At this stage of his development we can now expect him “ to show he can recognize people. Yes, he will still smile at strangers when they coo or talk to him, but he will begin to sort out who's who in his life. He may move his arms in excitement or smile when he finds someone he knew and may even look directly and start gurgling or try to talk back when he hears a familiar voice.”

And he will sense it if somebody else is stealing the show, especially someone who is not a celebrant.

And he would be thankful that there are wonderful cousins who will always mediate.

“He can now wave his arms and pump his legs. He can also bring both hands together and open and close his fingers. He will now love to be touched for all that skin-to-skin contact not only helps in bonding, but is comforting to him when he's upset and soothing when he's irritable.”

He can feel it when the hug is too tight, and everyone is more excited for the photo-op than for him.

“Vey soon his sleep patterns may start to settle down. He will start to draw conclusions about the world around him. He will be looking at everything with curiosity, even his own reflection. He will love to stare at his or anyone else's reflection and he may show his delight by an all-out gum grin.”

He will sense it if it’s not his mother carrying him, but he will keep silent and will not complain. And will continue to love his parents.

“He may soon stop sucking his thumb or bottle to listen to voices. He will become more animated and engaging — flashing smiles, oohing and cooing. The fun will now really begin as he will be starting to laugh.”

But he will also wonder why everyone is looking at that flashy little thing which they won’t let him play with.

And he will feel it if some people with Caucasian blood like him is around, elevating the already beautiful scene to an even more captivating landscape, together of course with his pretty cousin Charize.

AG’s fast development will surely delight not only his parents and aunties, but the grandparents as well.

He may not yet enjoy the sumptuous foods prepared for the celebration, but he will surely take pleasure in the company of a cousin as good looking as him. Thanks to their respective papas. :-)

With babies around, expect the celebration not to end without the comforting kisses on the cheeks…….. for there is something about a kiss………… it brings joy and calming feeling to people.

But I have to remind you……….. kissing is highly contagious………….and everyone might end up wanting it.

Cheers to you Attila. And an applause to your loving parents. c“,)


  1. wow... such a beautiful article love. thanks for this. you made me cry, and laugh as well!

  2. it's a pleasure love, take care always....c",)


    Miss&love you! ♥

  4. Sweet!! Great job Pop! :)

  5. Hats off to you! Congrats!! :-)



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