Saturday, July 18, 2009

Fun Fishing at Tarlac Pay Pond

The legacy of a sport as significant as Angling should be continuously passed on from generation to generation. This has been how it is naturally going on from time immemorial. Probably the reason why it remained one of the oldest forms of sports invented and practiced by our ancestors. It is now our duty to keep the flame burning and that’s exactly what I am doing: I assure that the passion will continue to live on in the heart of my son (and daughter as well) so that he too can do the same to his son………and so on........

Recently my brother Bogs, the most active among the Tarlac Anglers, and my son Naven (the youngest member) decided to do some freshwater fun fishing in a pay pond in Gerona, Tarlac (Philippines). They hoped to catch the dining-table-favourite and ever reliable tilapia, the elusive “hito” (catfish) and the fearsome “dalag” (mud fish or snakehead). The wild pond is a sight to behold for anglers alike. It offers a lot of promises and probably surprises from its looks alone. They were not disappointed. Tilapia appeared to has big appetite that day and is continuously hooked and reeled one after the other.

I can see how my son is enjoying the sports. He has been always like that whenever we go fishing. The joy, the thrill, the excitement and the fun are always mirrored by his eyes and revealed by his smiles.

Since his young age when we started bringing him to important fishing trips, every moment captured in photos will tell a story. Some will narrate about love and bonding.

And some will show priceless moments and fulfilment.

As he grows (taller but slimmer) and further develops his love for fishing, I and the Tarlac Anglers will always be there to support and be part of the fun he has yet to discover.


  1. how much is the entrance fee so we could fish?

  2. hi, the last time we were in the place there is no entrance fee, you just need to pay for the catch, at a per kilo price much lower than the prevailing market price....:)

  3. Hi.whats the exact address of reel and grill?



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