Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Glimpse at Mrs. R&G’s Kitchen Adventures

It is a very rare opportunity that Mrs. R&G will photograph her prepared dishes back home and send me copies. Well, it’s not really for the purpose of posting or publishing on this blog, but merely to test the performance of her newly acquired Sony cell phone equipped with 8.1 megapixel digital camera. The captured images are vivid, crisp and clear. Though not quite elaborate on the angles of the shots, she managed to take very nice photos of her dishes. I suppose she was right in choosing the unit and maybe it could serve as a ready piece of gadget that will eventually lead to providing me with significant photo coverage of unexpected events or family gatherings or if she desires, her cookery.

Mrs. R&G also loves to cook (and eat too :-)). She prepares great meals fitted to be called supper rather than suffer. It can be seen from her luscious Picadillo with a twist by adding hot dog and potato slices as shown above. She also loves pasta like my son. She can easily fix creamy and cheesy fettuccine carbonara in no time whenever the kids will request.

But there is one special dessert she can cook by heart and it’s comparable or actually better than those you can eat from the best restaurants or pastry shops in Manila or any other cities – Leche Flan. Be amazed not, it’s in the family. The expertise was handed over from generation to generation. My aunt taught it to my mom which in turn shared it to Mrs. R&G and my sisters. All my aunts and their grown up daughters also cook it perfectly. Mrs. R&G has perfected it over years of repeated preparations.

From the golden syrup to the firm but delicate and truly rich custard, all you can see is perfection. It should be that way; it is her small business after all.

Compare it from the one I prepared here and you can immediately spot the difference in texture and body.

At times when she prepares them exceptionally, expect her to be extremely cool and happy.

However, everyone, even known Chefs, at some points commits kitchen blunders. And Mrs. R&G is not an exemption. Whenever her flan will come out as a slight disappointment, better not complain…………as she will just respond with a roguish.............

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