Thursday, August 13, 2009

Christmas Fishing Tourney of the Tarlac Anglers

The Tarlac Anglers through its officer Bogs Villanueva recently announced the series of fishing tournaments dubbed as “Christmas Fishing Tourney” to be held during the Christmas Holiday of 2009. The 4-leg tournament which will cover both freshwater and saltwater type of angling will be held in the four (4) most popular fishing sites around Luzon (Philippines) which are frequented by the majority of members of Pinoy Anglers, where most Tarlac Anglers are also active members.

These fishing holes, located within the regions of Central Luzon and Southern Tagalog are: 1. Bane, Pangasinan, 2. Laiya, San Juan, Batangas, 3. Pantabangan Dam, Nueva Ecija and 4. Dingalan, Aurora.

The mini tournament is an exclusive event open only among the members of the Tarlac Anglers and their immediate families. Exciting prices compose of fishing reels, rods, lures & other fishing accessories await the lucky winners. A Christmas fishing holiday guaranteed of fun and excitement awaits all the members. Specific dates of the tourney will be announced later. The details of the event however are as follows:

The participants can expect to catch any of the many varieties of fish mentioned above. These have been caught before by the members as shown in some of the memorable photos as follows:

To ensure the success of this significant event, some celebrity sponsors are chosen to provide the needed assistance (moral, spiritual and financial), one each for a particular leg of the tournament.

For the Bane, Pangasinan trip, Boyet will be the sponsor to be represented by his beautiful daughter Ceejay who recently graced the cover of a popular teen magazine.

For the Laiya, San Juan, Batangas tourney, Bojo is the patron to be represented by Cha who was featured in the cover of a well known fashion magazine (front, right) along with some other top bikini models.

For the Pantabangan Dam, Nueva Ecija fishing, Eymi will be the benefactor. Just like the other sponsors, she was, as shown here, recently requested to pose in the cover of a thrilling magazine.

Lastly, for the Dingalan, Aurora tournament, Maya will be sponsoring the activity. She is shown here when she was chosen to be the cover girl of a higly entertaining pet magazine.

If you are wondering why you are not seeing copies of the said magazines in your favorite news stand, it’s because the limited edition for which they were launched were immediately sold out after days of its release. And the publisher ferociously refused to print more.:)

(Alright, the section of the post in italics is only intended to make you smile.) c“,)

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