Monday, August 17, 2009

Getting Bored with Long Hair

It’s typical. Yes, getting bored with long hair is a pretty normal thing for women. There are millions of women out there who experienced the same tiring feeling at least once in their lifetime and millions more are bound to experience it sooner or later. But while such boredom commonly occurs and should be understood, women should remember that there are more people who prefer women with long hair. Or simply, there are more people finding women more beautiful with it. I am one of them. I believe that long hair is truly feminine and it makes a woman complete. But this doesn’t mean I am not cool with short hair. My wife and daughter for ones also cut their hair short once or twice, when boredom hit them. And I understood……..OK, let’s change that……..I tried to understand. :-)

Charlie Chaplin once said that “Hair is vitally personal to children. They weep vigorouslywhen it is cut for the first time; no matter how it grows, bushy, straight or curly; they feel they are being shorn of a part of their personality." I share the same thought, that’s why I got shocked to learn that my niece, Cham, cut her long hair by herself in an apparent attempt to change the way it looks. I don’t know for sure whether it is out of boredom or just plain childlike behavior trying to mimic some personality she saw on television.

So after playing the role of a hairstylist by herself, she was even proud and excited to show her hairdo creation to everyone.

Well, it’s not good to encourage such action but from the looks of it, all we can say is……..not bad……….not bad at all.

But such deed, though it may have resulted to a sleek and chic unorthodox cut, might send a wrong signal to the child and her playmates (and my wife and daughter too) if tolerated, so she should be brought to a real hairstylist for a corrective touch.

The stylist is just glad that Cham cut her bangs at the right length, enough to enable him to re-create the Uma Thurman look in Pulp Fiction.

Cham, even at an early age, has been known for being so playful and mischievous. At the terrible age of 5, she has gained more tricks to astonish everyone and elicit amusement to her willing and unwilling audience. Her naive naughtiness and unending sense of humor have become her signature behaviors which are always looked forward during family occasions.

It’s in the blood. It’s certain. An apple could only come from an apple. :-)

But she’s not always like that. Just like all other kids her age, she sure has her own quiet moments………..when she prefers a peaceful environment…………an absolute silence ……….not even a soothing lullaby……….and the family has peace of mind.

During such times, her parents can finally find tranquility, serenity and complete rest. Even for just a moment……….until the self-proclaimed Hairstylist awakens……..and decides whose hair to cut next. c“,)


  1. Love "Uma Thurman look in Pulp Fiction" is sooo history, it's now called the "Geum Jan-Di of Boys Over Flower look" ; - )

  2. so cute!!!!!!
    galing mo talaga lov!



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