Monday, December 14, 2009

Authentic Filipino Foods at a Pinoy Christmas Party in Sri Lanka

Last Saturday, we were invited by our Filipino friends from another construction firm engaged in the other phase of the same national expressway project we are constructing here in Southern Sri Lanka, to grace and participate their early Christmas Party. Most of the Filipinos living or working here, or abroad in general, are going back home during the holiday season so early Christmas party is inevitable. Since it has been always look forward to have party full of fun with our friends there, we excitedly headed to their place bringing a modest pot of beef “caldereta” as our share in the food, some items for the prizes and some bottles of the best local brandy for the drinks.

We arrive quite early. Everyone is still busy with the preparation of food, drinks, physical arrangement, Christmas decorations, sound system, prizes, gifts, etc. and we had our chance to somehow help our friends. We watch in awe while the whole pork “lechon” is roasting, the “lechon kawali” is sizzling in hot oil, the pork barbeque is grilling, the “lumpiang shanghai” is frying and the “menudo” is stewing. Soon after, the Christmas atmosphere started to build up as the familiar tune of the delightful Filipino Christmas Carols filled the air. Suddenly, the magical feeling of Christmas overwhelmed everyone ……. and all is smiling …….. laughing ……. eagerly anticipating the party ……. and probably thinking home. :)

It turns out that our friends also invited other Filipinos from other companies who have project in this tiny Island nation. Some are coming from other construction companies and some from the garments industries. All showcasing the expertise and talents of the world renowned human resource called Filipinos. Let me not resort to the crap hero-branding of the Filipinos abroad. That is hardly felt by us.

All in all, more than 70 professionals and skilled workers gathered for the special Christmas celebration hosted our hospitable friends. For such a big number of hungry Christmas celebrators, mostly males, who will sing, dance, play, frolic and drinks all night, lots and lots of food is needed. :-) But our friends made sure no one will get hungry and thirsty and everyone will be tummy-filled with delicious Filipino foods and at the same time heart-filled with the Christmas spirit. c“,)

As the party celebrates Christmas and promotes unity and camaraderie among us, it also serves as a showcase of authentic Filipino foods highly missed by all of us here. Whilst of course, the center piece is the famous Filipino pork “lechon”, many other main course dishes are prepared for everyone’s amazement and enjoyment.

"Pork Lechon" (Roasted Whole Pork)




Beef Caldereta

"Lechon Kawali" (Deep Fried Pork Belly)

"Lumpiang Shanghai" (Meat Spring Rolls)

Pork Barbeque

Chop Suey


There were also some sumptuous traditional rice cakes (“puto”) and delicacies (“kakanin”) for dessert.

"Puto" (Filipino Rice Cake)

Maja Blanca

There were also lots of drinks which turned everyone into better singer (except me) and dancer as the night gets deeper. But since this is a child-friendly blog, I can’t show any of those drinks. :-) Instead, I’ll let you enjoy the colorful images showing the fun, happiness and blast that everyone felt during the party.

From me, my Pareng Jun Roxas and the rest of our group from Kumagai, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks to our friends from Taisei Corporation headed by Mr. Don, the Pangulo, and Ka Pedring, the other Boss, for a wonderful night. :-)

At least for one night, we forgot about concrete pouring, residents’ complaints, delayed work schedule, cost and time claims, cut slope collapse, rectification works, unending variations, uncertified amounts, billing preparations, etc. etc. c“,)


  1. u sure this is nowhere here? parang sa kapitbahay nyo lang sa baras-baras eh..

    wish you would include a day-to-day menu for the post holiday season.. kaka umay din ang mga "do"

    would u believe, word verification for this comment looks like "umay" haha

  2. len, with so many pinoys the place was transformed to a typical Filipino backyard, hehehe

    i will try to make posts as you requested,i just hope the busy holiday season will still provide me time to do it....:-)



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