Saturday, May 23, 2009

Greetings from Reel and Grill

This is an important day for some of my love ones. Special occasions and reason to celebrate and be thankful. Since I'm far away, I thought this blog would be my best way to extend my greetings for them.

NAVEN - Congratulations Son for topping the ESEP Exam of TMS. Im so proud of you. I could never be more than happy. Mama and Ate CJ are also very happy for you.

DAD - Happy Birthday. Im wishing you good health and more happiness in the years to come.

MOMMY & DAD - Happy Anniversary. Hope the coming years would be even more better and prosperous.

CHA - Happy Birthday. Hope you will have more of the things you love......and virtues too.:-)

CHA & BOJO - Happy Anniversary. Let Charize fill the gap of distance.

Enjoy the day everyone. Make it grand. Cheers.

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