Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life Away From Home

Living outside one’s country much more away from the family is a formidable task. It is a peat one has to bear and overcome in exchange of (usually) a better source of living. You will really miss a lot of things you used to enjoy back home. Food is one of them and probably one of the most compelling.

Being in a country where there the food is totally different from how our mothers prepared them will really make us crave for that distinct taste of dishes that is truly Filipino. In our case, even our attempts to teach our local cook to prepare our dishes made very little progress and a lot of frustrations. In order to somehow relieve ourselves for the cravings, we tried to prepare some of our traditional foods using local ingredients here.

Amongst the Filipino foods we have attempted to prepare in this foreign land (which were luckily photographed) were empanada as shown above and the following:

Miki Bihon Guisado

Pansit Bihon (a favorite)


Leche Plan

Egg Pie

Devilled Egg
Fresh Lumpiang Ubod

Asado Bun

Pizza (though not so Pinoy)

On several occasions beef caldereta, tapa, balbacua, humba, ube haleya, siomai, fried lumpia, pandesal, lumpia shanghai, fish lumpia, kikiam, hamburger have also been prepared (but no photos taken) on top of the regular adobo, linaga, pork paksiw and sinigang.

We will once again prepare them one by one for detailed posting along with the recipes in days to come. For the moment let the photos speak for themselves.

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