Monday, June 8, 2009

Birthday Bash for Steven Leonard

For Filipino parents, a birthday of their child is considered a very special occasion. Even when far away like in the case of a father working abroad, there is no reason why he cannot have his own little way of celebrating his child’s birthday on the place where he currently lives. My “inaanak” who’s also a colleague working here in Sri Lanka is one of them. So in celebration of the 3rd birthday (on 8th June) of his son (my “apo” he he), Steven, we had an advance impromptu birthday dinner last Saturday (6th June).

My “inaanak” Onell, through the help of our friends, prepared sumptuous foods composed of all-time favourite drumstick fried chicken, always sought after Filipino spaghetti, delectable sea crab (“alimasag”) steamed in soda with vinegar, mouth-watering vanilla & chocolate ice cream and ever refreshing coke and sprite for drinks.

The chicken was simply coated by ready-mix seasoning flour, let to stand for 15 minutes and then deep fried in hot vegetable oil until the skin is crispy but still juicy on the inside. It is easy, straightforward but utterly delicious.

The spaghetti was prepared the Filipino way. It means it has a touched of sweetness and flavoured with lots of ground beef and sausages. The crab was steamed in a small amount of sprite with vinegar and seasoned with ground pepper. Who can go wrong with crab? All was tasty and appetizing.

Everyone was so excited with the food. With a Sri Lankan cook doing our everyday meals; we seldom eat foods that are truly Filipino. So even in simple courses like these, you can’t blame us to have these huge smiles on our faces.

Of course after dinner, Onell is even more generous to provide some bottles of Arrack (Sri Lanka coconut wine) to help speed-up the digestion of the load of foods we have consumed (ok, that's not true). Since this blog is child-friendly, I can’t show you photos of that. :-)

From your Daddy and all of us here, HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVEN!!!! Cheers....

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