Monday, June 1, 2009

Panadura Estuary Fishing Spot

There is one big river here in Sri Lanka called Panadura Ganga (Ganga means River in the local language) that connects a freshwater lake (Bolgoda) all the way to the sea. The estuary of this river has long been a common fishing spot for local and foreign anglers alike. They usually fish during early morning and dawn when the big fish compose of GT, Barramundi, Barracuda, Snapper, etc will approach/enter the river delta for food (small fish). It is at these times that anglers cast either lures or live bait to catch some of the predators.

Reports of anglers catching GTs more than 60 kls and barramundi more than 30 kls from the shore abounds. Even from foreign anglers, tourists and residents such stories are common. So as this was also one of the information shared by a fishing forum member, I embarked on the quest to verify the place and its famous biggies.

The site is quite a big area that could accommodate a lot of anglers. The river mouth is both protected by massive pile of armor rocks/jetty on both sides in a somehow skew arrangement. The south side is the one open to public and where angling is carried out. The strong wave of the sea can be seen entering into the river even if the rock protection has a way of breaking them. It is obvious that big fish can enter and exit whenever they want in search of food which the river has a lot.

There were about five (5) local anglers when I arrived at the area at around 6:00 in the morning. Most of them were using a particular rig (photo below) which they said is deadly on GT while others use small mullet for live bait.

I was told by the local anglers that shallow diving lures especially one that has red colored head and white body also works perfectly.

That day the sea wave is excessively strong due to prevailing monsoon season. It is definitely not an ideal time for fishing. By around 9:00 am everyone is still yet to catch their first fish. Some more anglers started coming bringing along with them more live baits. I guess with such difficult condition of fish not biting; live bait could be the best way to go.I left the place without seeing a bite, but I promise to come back when the condition is right. The south-west monsoon season will last up to end of June, which means July & August should be the right time. For the meantime the Playground as always, is my best available option.

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