Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nature's Way of Maintaining the Balance

A special work assignment in Colombo for two (2) weeks made me missed my newly found fishing “Playground” along the coastline of Galle City where our project is located. It is expected that the first thing I would do upon my return is to schedule a fishing trip. As I had mentioned in my previous post, I have acquired several rods, lures and tackles which need field testing in the Playground.

So in spite of the prevailing Southwest monsoon making the whole of Western Sri Lanka basically off season for sportfishing, I still gave it a go.

Just like the last time I was in the Playground, it is raining heavily. The wind is so strong and wave can be heard roaring loud. I reached the place and immediately checked the surroundings. The moment I stepped on to the rock platform I sensed something isn’t right. The rock is now slippery and covered by moss. Water level seems higher and wave is furious. I promptly moved back and kept a good distance from the edge.

I was attending to my gears when all of a sudden a huge splash of water came pouring on me. It was so strong that I could have been thrown to the rocky side if I was not able to hold on the rough rock in front of me. I sustained a small cut in my finger and few bruises in my hands due to the impact. I hurriedly went up, thankful that I and any of my gears were not swept away by the raging water.

I decided to observe first. What I just went through is indication that fishing is not such a good idea at the moment. I soon learned that at least every 30 seconds a big wave will hit the rocky coastline and create a huge splash of water hitting the Playground and sweeping everything on it. Last time, the splash of water is not this big. Check this photo and video:

Having experienced and seen enough, I packed up and headed home. I was not able to cast even once but safety should not be compromised even in the pursuit of passion. After all, there will always be next time.

As I recollected the turn of events and its outcome, I realized just how nature works to maintain the balance. The months when fishing is not possible will provide the opportunity for the fish to grow and multiply. At the end of the season, I shall be among those who will be benefited with the prospect of proliferation of bigger fish. Two (2) months aren’t that long anyway……:-)

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