Saturday, June 13, 2009

White Sandy Beach & Coral Reefs of Sri Lanka: Simply Amazing

Sri Lanka is an island in the Indian Ocean surrounded by the rich waters of Bengal Bay to the southeast and Arabian Sea to the southwest. This tiny but naturally beautiful island offers an abundance of white sandy beaches, lush greenery, exciting water adventures and amazing wildlife.

It also has very healthy coral reefs and wide deep waters providing shelters to numerous varieties of coral and sub tropical fishes and other astounding marine life.

Among the well known coral reefs and popular beaches in the southern part which are close to my residence are those of Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna. Their fine white beaches and clear blue waters attract thousands of tourists every year.

Hikkaduwa which is among the first tourist areas developed is one of the most visited beach resorts offering several water activities. Angling is one but it’s still on the early stage with vast potentials for development. It is famous for its reefs and fishes. The reef, which runs parallel to the shore and a few meters below the water, can be explored with snorkel and flippers, or in a glass-bottomed boat.

The famous & lovely Unawatuna Bay located in the bursting City of Galle is protected by a vast reef which provides safe retreat for swimmers, light surfers and beach watchers. The tranquil and gentle wave plus the truly fine white sand qualifies it to one of the world’s best destinations.

I feel very lucky to have fished these waters several times with pretty impressive results. Schools of gamefish abound which provide the fights all anglers are dreaming of. Even from the shoreline, surfcasters and shore anglers will not be disappointed.

At the end of each day, when your body desires an absolute rest and relaxation after all those tiring but extremely pleasing activities, you can always sit back, sip your favorite drinks and be enchanted watching the mysterious beauty of the sun setting.
Sunset in Hikkaduwa

Sunset in Unawatuna

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  1. yeah! a truly nice place, a paradise for those who really love nature, white sand and a tan skin (for beach lovers)



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