Friday, June 12, 2009

Earlier Sri Lanka Fishing Adventures

The boss easily hooking a grouper (“lapu lapu”)

Long nose emperor (“bugsi”/”katambak”) from the shore

Long before this blog was even conceived, I had several fishing adventures in Sri Lanka together with some Japanese bosses and local friends which were very productive, memorable and quite an experience. Sri Lanka waters still have an abundance of rich coral reefs and thus you can expect the sea to be plentiful with fish. For as long as the condition is right, catching fish or angling for that matter, is not hard even for beginners. Double hook up is even common.

We went bottom fishing in the waters of a tourist place called Hikkaduwa and caught a lot of nice red grouper, trevally, barracuda, trigger fish, threadfin and other reef fishes. Everyone became so busy during the catch frenzy and fish were reeled from all sides of the boat simultaneously. Everyone had a blast, a really fun day and later on a scrumptious meal.
My catch alone is too much for me. I even had to retired early as seasickness hit me and I had to sleep much of the time when we are at the sea.

When I went surfcasting along the famous Unawatuna Beach one early morning, I was also surprised to really caught fish from the shore easily. The size of the catch was not bad and the interval of the bites was so short. I could have catch many long nose emperor had the tourists not came out to the beach very early as well making casting difficult and no longer safe.

If there is one thing I should be thankful about my being assigned in this small but very beautiful island of Sri Lanka, it is being close to the sea with a lot of fish. How I wish I have more time and chances to go fishing. But who can have everything?

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  1. it's fun & exciting to go on fishing especially if it's your first time and u've got a big catch... I DID!!!! :)



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