Monday, September 7, 2009

King Coconut (Thambili)

The gorgeous Sri Lankan coconut above is called King Coconut or “Thambili” in the local language (Sinhala). This coconut variety is indigenous to the country and a common sight in most Sri Lankan home garden and backyards. While coconut cream or milk is a common and very essential ingredient in the Sri Lankan cuisine, it is not what makes this coconut extremely popular. It is the sweet and refreshing water of its fresh tender fruit which is a hot favourite among residents and tourists or visitors.

The young coconut water is probably the most nutritious wholesome drinks that the nature has provided for the people of tropical countries like Sri Lanka. It is the natural isotonic beverage with almost the same level of electrolyte balance as we have in our blood. It is considered by many as a “Fluid of Life” and its nut a “Living Pharmacy”. It could be. Tender coconut water promotes digestion, acts as urinary antiseptic, contains organic compounds with growth promoting properties and helps in the quick absorption of drugs by its electrolyte effect in the blood.

With the many benefits one can get from drinking the tender King Coconut water; it is consumed by the thousands every day. The presence of sugars in the form of glucose and fructose form an important constituent of the natural drinks. No wonder, bunches of the fruits can be seen on many wayside kiosks throughout the country. A short pull over by the road is all you need to avail of the very delicious beverage during hot season. Just a few quick chops of the skilled vendor and you’re in for a very invigorating experience.

And sometimes the drink isn’t all. Depending on the age of the young coconut, but if you're lucky you get to enjoy the young flesh as well. Its soft, spongy, milky, tasty and nutritious kernel called the “londha” is an additional treat. It can be eaten straight off the split coconut by scooping it with a sort of scraper shaved off from the nut shell which most people do, or by scooping it with a spoon. I prefer the former. It’s more natural and cool.

Other countries like India, Fiji, Indonesia, Malaysia and our beloved Philippines also have King Coconut. Back home, I believe it is called Golden Coconut. c”,)

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  1. natural, safe to drink and a thirst quencher.



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