Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Calle Bistro on 11.11.11, Quality Fun for Everyone

If you love food (and I mean lots and lots of good food :)), pop and rock music, games and adventure and everything in between, read on ……… you’re in for a night filled with sumptuous cuisines, quality fun and excitement ……… all while fully enjoying those things you love. Does this sound thrilling to you? That’s because it really is. It’s seriously exhilarating! Calle Bistro is coming ……… our ticket to experiencing that electrifying moment …… to share with our friends and love ones ……… in an event where food, people, music, games, prizes and adventure will collide ……… into a supernova of FUN. So, book the date …… the collision is happening on 11.11.11. Remember, for boredom and monotonous night out, this is an ELI or extinction level impact. :-)

Calle Bistro is a revolutionized food sale project that would bring together local and foreign cuisines in the metro, particularly in an Open Area in Tomas Morato located within the heart of Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines). The food event (and more) will cater to young professionals and food enthusiasts to unwind, socialize and explore the rich oriental and western flavors dominating the Philippine food scene. Promising food retail brands and enterprises will be there to provide a one of a kind food socialization experience where people from different walks of life can get a slice of the world right on their plates.

This is promised to be a night of food adventure and grand time made more special by live bands that will be there to serenade the visitors as they indulge in Calle Bistro …… to fill the air with our favorite music …… while guests are savoring the delicious food dishes featured in the food fair. There will be complimentary drinks to quench our thirst, food-related games to fire-up the night and raffle draws of sponsor items and giveaways for lucky guests …… all to make it a true night of fun, delight and excitement for everyone.

The food lineup includes but not limited to the following: Pinoy Delicacies, Foreign Cuisine, Exotic Dishes, Street Food, Grilled Products, Snacks and Beverages, Coffee and Tea Products, Ready-to-eat Meals and Health and Organic Food.

For this food event, there is more than meets the eye …… more than your taste buds could detect. :-)

Firstly, the people behind this momentous project are the UP Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants (UP JPIA), a multi-awarded organization that takes pride in being the sole Hall of Fame awardee and three-time recipient of the most coveted “Gawad Chancellor Award for the Most Outstanding Organization” in the University of the Philippines. If that isn’t enough for you, they are also branded as the “Most Outstanding Local Chapter” by the National Federation of JPIA for three times.

Some of their socially-relevant projects that have put them over the top in recent years include Project Activate, a health-consciousness campaign, representing them in the regional finals of the Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations in the country; TikTakbo, an annual fun run with over 800 runners annually and the Accountancy Students Seminar and Extra-curricular Training (ASSET), a three-day seminar for the top 50 senior and graduating accounting students all over the Philippines.

Secondly, it has heart. Proceeds of the project will benefit the UP JPIA Long-term Educational Assistance Program (LEAP) scholarship fund and will provide financial support for its other socio-civic activities. Bravo! I myself have been the lucky recipients of several scholarship grants during my college years and it really makes me feel good to hear and much more be a part of such a noble undertaking …… to help people with exceptional minds pursue their studies. This is cool, right?

Calle Bistro has all the ingredients of a worthy project. So let us all join hand and hand ……… and together cook this a la Reel and Grill …… no, make that …… a la UP JPIA. :) For further details, see updates at Calle Bistro Facebook page.

Have quality fun and help people grow ……… see you at Calle Bistro! 11.11.11 …… that’s a date Yo! c”,)

Update: The organizer's announced some changes as follows:

New date will be on November 12, 2011
New event location is at Eastwood Citywalk 2

See you there!!! :-)


  1. Looking foward to that perfect date 11.11.11 :)

  2. As announced by the organizer, the date was moved to November 12, 2011 and the location was changed to Eastwood Citywalk 2



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