Monday, May 24, 2010

Mango Shake or Smoothies

Since after preparing the stimulating “green mango shake” from the crunchy green mangoes harvested early on from the plant growing inside our backyard, the remaining abundant fruits have fully grown and matured. I picked some the other day with an intention to make them into the Filipino “burong manga” or pickled or fermented mango. Due to procrastination however, the fruits have inevitably ripen making them no longer suitable for pickling. Nonetheless, it did not make me sad or even a bit disappointed; after all, mangoes when ripe are even better.

As mentioned in my mango-papaya shake post, a ripe mango is sweet, peach like and juicy. Its flesh has a unique taste and texture which varies from soft, pulpy texture similar to an over-ripe plum to firmer flesh like a cantaloupe or avocado. The flavor is pleasant and rich and high in sugars and acid. The fruit is a favorite in many countries and one of the most commonly eaten fruits in tropical countries around the world. It is in fact considered as the apple of the tropics.

Aside from simply eating the flesh of the ripe fruit to enjoy its taste, it is also commonly made into highly-sought after tropical drinks called mango shake or smoothies. On its own or in combination with other fruits like in mango-papaya shake, drinks made from its delicate flesh are truly delightful and refreshing.

Like the healthy guyabano shake and avocado shake, mango smoothies is a top choice by health conscious individuals due to its important nutrients such as potassium, copper and amino acids and its rich phytochemicals, essential vitamins and dietary minerals.

We are lucky that we have two mango plants full with fruits in our backyard to provide us with a regular supply of the fruit, even for just several months.

Fully matured fruits are harvested from time to time and kept in the house for several days until they ripen and turn their lively yellow-green body into gorgeous yellow-orange flesh.

To prepare 2 tall glasses serving of mango shake or smoothies, we need the following ingredients: 2 cups ripe mango flesh, from 3 medium ripe mangoes, peeled, cup-up and seed discarded, ½ cup sugar syrup made from 2 tbsp sugar dissolve in enough hot water to make ½ cup of the mixture, 1 tray ice cube and 1 cup chilled water.

To make, just put everything into the blender ice cube first, cover tightly and pulse it several times until the ice cube and ripe mango flesh are broken down and have blended evenly with the other ingredients.

Pulse it a couple of times more until a smooth, rich and creamy consistency is attained. As always, do not over mix.

Pour the luscious beverage in 2 tall glasses, add some garnish if you wish (I forgot mine) and serve immediately. Enjoy! :-)

This is best served during breakfast, in between meals with your preferred snack or “merienda” or anytime as a quick fix or quench for a tiresome day. c“,)

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