Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Ambul Dodang Lemonade

I encountered this peculiar citrus fruit in Sri Lanka which is very similar to the Philippine “suha” in appearance only its size is just slightly bigger than that of an orange. It also tastes like our ordinary “suha” which is a little sour with very small hint of sweetness. They call it “ambul dodang” which translates to sour citrus. I found eating it as not very interesting due to difficulty in peeling them (it’s like “suha” remember) and you don’t get much on the taste. Since some local friends keep on giving them as presents, I have to figure out how to make good use of them.

During the time when I was on diet trying to lose some pounds, one of the requirements is to drink grapefruit juice daily. Since grapefruits are not readily available from our area, I keep thinking of alternatives. It is at this point when It occurred to me that “ambul dodang” could be a possible substitute. They are both citrus after all and have similarity in taste. I don’t know exactly as to the nutrients contents but started drinking it anyway every morning. I sort of developed my likeness into it over time. Even at the time when I’m no longer on diet, I continued drinking it.

Although I lost several kilos in that diet programme, I don’t know for sure if “ambul dodang” has any contribution at all. On the other aspect however, I’m quite certain that the since the day I started drinking it, I stopped getting cold which is a perennial problem to me before.

Let me share to you how I prepare my lemonade using this wonderful fruit. All you need is about 5 pcs. of the fruit, about half a cup of sugar syrup, 1 to ½ cups chilled water and some ice cubes. Preparation is simple, just like your regular lemonade, but you will need this.

First you have to properly wash your “ambul dodang” in running water. I brush them to make sure they area very clean. This is very important as some insects love to live on its skin and during juice extraction, the squeezing action will cause whatever on the skin to easily mix with the juice.

Then cut them in half and have them ready for juice extraction.

Process them half by half to get the juice out of the tough body. This is not easy and would require some amount of force and pressure. Just consider it as a hand exercise which is good for your body especially if done daily.

Continue doing this until you get all that sparkling juice.

Divide the sugar syrup in 2 tall glasses. You can use ordinary sugar but its much better if using syrup. Then equally divide the juice into the glasses. Just add some chilled water to fill the glass full but leave some space to accommodate about 2 to 3 pcs. of ice cubes later.

You can see the goodness of the fruits from the pulp bits that are collected. Some pulp will even go through the grate and into your lemonade. This adds texture to your lemonade and makes it even more appealing.

Complete your lemonade by stirring to mix everything nicely and finishing if off with some ice cube on top.

If there is one medicine I can’t live without before, it’s cold tablet. But since I regularly take this ambul dodang lemonade, I have not taken it again……… c“,)

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