Saturday, April 10, 2010

Refrigerated Cake - No Bake Cake

Baking is truly fun and rewarding. No doubt about that. But sometimes you just don’t have the energy and/or time to attend to its complex requirements. Given such a condition, you can still prepare a certain type of cake that will satisfy your wants and/or your love ones cravings. Make a refrigerated cake. It’s simple and easy. It is a no-bake cake that can be prepared over a short period of time and using just a few easy to find ingredients. A treat for those always on the go and could only spend a limited time in the kitchen but still prefer homemade goodies for the family.

Let me share with you a fool-proof recipe of a sumptuous refrigerated cake as shared to me by a colleague who was taught by her sister. Honestly, I never thought a no-bake cake especially this one could taste this good. After eating a rather big piece of this yummy refrigerated cake though, I am immediately transformed. I will never look at no-bake cake the same way again. Try this and you too, might find it a welcome alternative to baking when time is not at your disposal. :-)

Unlike the banana cake and chocolate cake I posted before, this recipe calls for just a few ingredients. This includes about 7 small packs of Graham Honey Flavored Crackers, 2 cans Nestle Cream or All-Purpose Cream, 1 cup Condensed Milk and 1 medium can Fruit Cocktail. The fruit cocktail made in the Philippines works very well for this cake but since that specific brand is quite hard to find here, an inferior local fruit cocktail is my only option. :-(

In a deep mixing bowl, combine the Nestle cream or all-purpose cream and the condensed milk. Stir vigorously using fork to properly blend the two ingredients and a smooth homogenous mixture is attained.

In a rectangular glass dish or plastic container, pour ¼ of the cream-milk mixture and spread evenly at the bottom. Arrange a layer of Graham crackers. Pour ¼ of the cream-milk mixture again to cover the crackers. Drain the fruit cocktail, slice to small sizes and evenly distribute 1/3 of the quantity on top.

Arrange another layer of crackers on top of the fruits. Cover with ¼ of the cream-milk mixture followed by 1/3 of the fruits. Repeat the process until all ingredients have been used.

Cover and put inside the freezer for about 3 minutes. We don’t want to call this a frozen cake so transfer it inside the refrigerator and chill for several hours or overnight. Only if you can wait. We can’t, so ours was sliced up and gulped down just after more than an hour. :-)

Serve it as dessert at the end of a meal or eat as a snack in between meals. :-) Whichever you prefer are both wonderful. Yummy! c”,)


  1. Hi, I also would love to do this. I actually wanted to do it using Mango, howeer, i dont know where to find graham biscuits here in Sri Lanka. Any idea po???

    Thanks a lot..

    Jem ^^

  2. we have the same problem before Jem, we can not find Graham biscuits here, so we have to bring it all the way from the Philippines....but we used some local biscuits as a substitute at one time and its quite okay.....not as good but still might want to try it some time.

  3. made this today. loved it!! will try using mango when it's in season. thanks for this easy recipe!

  4. hi anonymous....i am glad you loved it....your mango idea seems very exciting....another visitor also considered doing that...good luck on it!

  5. Hello there...well, I've done this with Durian. You will love it!

  6. hi sricole, quite interesting variation you made there....yes, durian, why not?....

  7. : i'll try this recipe for noche buena. thanks!
    merry christmas! :)

  8. you're welcome iamgraxa, i am sure it will be an exciting addition to your Noche Buena feast ... happy holidays ... cheers!

  9. I really love to make desserts like refrigerated cake,it so easy and the taste is so yummy.

  10. My sister and i love making this dessert, for the biscuits we use Marie's :)

    just wondering if we can get graham biscuits in Malaysia...

  11. We're trying to do this with our Grade 5 kids at school. We thought of using plain biscuits and adding chocolate chips to give it a chocolatey flavour. As we;re doing this for Father's Day we're calling it Daddy's Yummy Cake.



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