Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fooling Around at Bentota Beach Resort

Some friends from another construction firm implementing the other phase of our expressway project invited us over to play basketball and have small party afterwards. Sri Lanka is a cricket country as Philippines is a basketball country, so what you will find here is a lot of cricket courts and no basketball court. This makes basketball a thrilling event for us (basketball crazy generation) that we are willing to travel some 75 kilometers just to be able to play. Of course, the party afterwards is a welcome addition which we eagerly anticipated as well. :-)

On top of all, we were overly excited because their place is located in Bentota area where the known Bentota Beach Resort is situated. So we intentionally came early to enable checking the beach resort out prior to meeting our friends. True to what we heard and read, the resort is fantastic. Like Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna which I posted earlier, Bentota is also amongst the finest beaches of this country.

Especially for families, Bentota is a well sought after destination. Safe swimming conditions combined with fun water sport and exciting excursions are providing for the ideal background for a relaxed holiday. Being one of the most established beach resorts here, it is known for its professional touristic infrastructure. The many 5-star hotels are often built in picturesque locations and anyone can always drop in for a drink (even if he is not going to stay) to relax and enjoy the scenery.

With fun-loving Filipinos fooling around, the beautiful landscape can be instantly transformed into an even more awesome (or gruesome) sight, capable of drawing big smiles on our face and probably huge gapes from tourists. :-)

To replenish the lost energy frolicking, mocking and laughing, creating funny moments, it is but necessary that we fill our stomach. We all agreed to munch on something we seldom eat, PIZZA. Waves Restaurant located inside one of the fine hotels was just the right place. They have a huge oven specifically constructed for cooking pizza.

We ordered the house specialty jumbo prawn pizza, the popular ham & fresh pineapple pizza, some potato chips and soda drinks. We were lucky to have actually witnessed how the cook does their pizza to share with you, in addition to the pizza and sauce recipes I posted before.

Watching the skillful cook does his antics in making the pizzas drove us even hungrier. It is a good thing we just had to wait for a short 15 minutes to cook everything.

The pizza was good but not superb. They skimped on cheese and the sauce is somewhat ordinary. But the crust was thin & crispy just the way we like it and other toppings were tasty. We did enjoy though and regained energy to once more clown around and reserve some for the basketball later on.

After an afternoon full of laughter and fun, what could be better way to end the day than with a silhouette photo of the group? To act sentimental, pretend romantic and at the end have something to remind us of the silly moments, ridiculous actions, outrageous behavior and of course tighter camaraderie.

And as we were about to feel guilty that one of us will not be able to join the nostalgic image because he will be taking the shot, we realized we were wrong. Engineers are really adept at solving problems. c“,)

UnggoyGwapo fools.............I mean rules!!!


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