Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One Fine Day at Hotel Blue Note, Hikkaduwa Beach Resort

As I have featured before, Hikkaduwa (Sri Lanka) is the other beach area that we frequent whenever we have the opportunity and want to relax or dine. While there are so many hotels and restaurants located along the white sandy beach, we always settle to Hotel Blue Note. Aside from probably having the best beach front and cozy environment, their food is fairly appetizing giving enough reasons for everyone to consider a come back. While their menu is relatively limited, the few entrees are quite good and among the best you can find in the whole resort area.

Blue Note is a cabana-type hotel with a pleasant restaurant serving European cuisine. It is equipped with just a few but well-maintained rooms which are always full during tourist season from November to April. Walk-in booking during such period is very unlikely to be accommodated. The same white sand on the beach covers the front yard of the Cabanas. The majestic king coconut trees in and around the place provide the much needed shade keeping the rooms cool and comfortable.

One fine day we visited the place. Since it is just 10:00 in the morning when we arrived and we are really not so hungry, we just ordered sandwiches and drinks. The game plan is to have light snack while heavily enjoying the beach, the water and everything in between.
As always, I ordered my favorite Hawaii Toast, a thick slice of white bread with lots of crispy bacon, thick slice of cheddar cheese, slice of fresh pineapple and some special sauce baked until bread is toasted and finished by topping with sunny side-up fried eggs. Others just ordered a simple Egg Sandwich and lots of drinks. Each order has a side dish of fresh vegetable salad.

Another tasty order which I had before is their Mixed Grill which consists of grilled chicken, sausage, beef and fish along with fried egg, French fries and vegetable salad.

One of the attractions of this hotel, specially their cabanas, is its fantastic view of the lovely beach and crystal blue sea. It is nature at its best, right in front of your room.

Once your eyes are caught onto the sceneries which are charming, enchanting and mesmerizing, you cannot help but take a closer look.

And as you move nearer, the excitement will tend to escalate as you will discover that everything is beautiful. Even the forming and breaking of white bubbles in the sea is such a sight of interest. Even the equally spaced and architecturally arranged pointed grills offer an aesthetic view worthy of an even closer watch.

And you will confirm, the atmosphere is so refreshing. The water is clear. The sand is smooth. The beach is flawless. The waves are voluptuous. Yes, the landscape is spellbinding.

But pardon me, I can’t speak about the tourists clad in skimpy outfit, as I told you before, this is a child-friendly blog. c“,)


  1. wow what a place to relax and have fun especially if i could join the gals, he he he....any more pix???

  2. no wonder why you like to "FREQUENTLY VISIT" Blue Note...



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