Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mixed Bag of Fish from Sri Lanka Waters

Sri Lanka, having surrounded by a rich ocean, is blessed with numerous variety of aquatic life. With a shoreline of more than 1,100 miles and a continental shelf of about 10,000 square miles, the seas around Sri Lanka have an unlimited and relatively unexploited fishing potential. With lush land vegetation, more than a hundred major river basins, about a hundred other estuaries and natural waterways, lagoons and coastal lakes, all with food abundant-waters terminating to the sea, marine life is expected to be quite close to the coastline.

Even with a population of more than 20 million, the sea and major rivers of the island nation remain within the safe level of sustainability.

Popular varieties of food fish found are skipjack and yellow fin tunas, gilthead, seer fish, herrings, sprat, anchovies, red and white mullets, snapper, grouper, trevally, yellow lip emperor, shad, barracuda, barramundi and bream to name a few. The coral world offers beautiful species such as rays, eels, clown fish, porcupine, angel fish, unicorn, trigger fish, wrasse and parrot fish. Gorgeous images of such magnificent marine life were already featured here under the White Sandy Beaches and Coral Reefs of Sri Lanka post.

With a short early morning visit to the coastal road, I can easily find fresh catch from local fishermen. I prefer to buy from them as the fish are really fresh usually caught not far from the shoreline. The fish in the photos above and below are just sample of my recent purchases from a roadside vendor. A mixed bag of fresh fish which could provide numerous culinary possibilities.

Another essential catch are the small size trevally which I intend to cook “sinigang” style (stew in tamarind) to take make use of its freshness and create a delicately tasty sourly-soupy dish loved by most Filipinos.

Even more important to me are the highly sought-after pompano and another variety of trevally which I thought should be perfect for “pangat” or “pinangat”, another Filipino dish where fresh fish is cook in lemon juice, ginger and other spices. This will be posted later for you to enjoy.

These are just sample of the sea bounty from Sri Lanka waters. If you like fish and desires the omega 3 and other essential minerals of a fish, then head right away to the nearest market and secure some of the freshest catch of the day. c“,)

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